Three Things You Need To Know About Kaiser Bun Toppings

If you're a bakery or deli owner and are about to switch to kaiser rolls for sandwich buns, you'll see you have a choice regarding the toppings the bun can come with. You may want to consider having buns with different topping options available -- and you may want to make special arrangements for storing some of the buns. Kaiser buns offer a pretty alternative to bagels and bread for sandwiches, so offering them is a nice move. Read More 

Surprising Reasons You Should Only Eat Organic Bread

If you are like most Americans, bread is likely to be a staple in your diet, as almost seven out of ten people in the United States who were polled in a recent study reported eating bread within a two week period. However, it is entirely too common to just take the bread out of its wrapper without understanding enough about its ingredient list. If you are concerned about the bread and bread products that you are serving your family, it is a good idea to consider the following information about the risks of traditionally grown grains and the benefits of only buying bread that has been made with organic ingredients. Read More